Wash and Seal

Stamped Concrete Cleaning Specialist

Bristol County Sealing Company specializes in the sound cleaning process, along with de-greasing, treating and sealing of concrete surfaces. We wash utilizing surface cleaning equipment, ensuring even cleaning and utilize eco-friendly concrete cleaning products for stamped concrete cleaning and quality concrete sealers.

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De-greasing, and treating are equally important, as well as, cleaning and sealing stamped concrete. Sealing or resealing with a quality concrete sealant is senseless, if the concrete surface has not been cleaned and degreased properly (treated, if applicable) before the concrete sealer is applied. Avoid Stamped or Conventional Concrete Sealing ISSUES!

For customers with a kool-deck surface on their swimming pool deck, we make a big difference in the revitalization - restoration - sealing of your kool deck concrete, because we utilize the right product and do it correctly. We do this utilizing a sound cleaning process and sealer application process, and do it a neat and professional manner. We also clean and seal kool-cool-decking with the proper kool-deck sealer, using the wrong sealer will permenantly damage the Kool Deck, preventing its ability to stay cool.